Permanent Public Exhibitions

Location Sculpture(s)
Ben-zion Hospital 6 Sculptures
City of Akko, in Memory Room (Akko, Israel) “Song for the Fallen Heroes of the City of Akko”
Ghetto Fighters House Museum “Memorial to the Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto”
Haifa Museum of Modern Art (Haifa, Israel) “General Moshe Dyan”
Haifa University, Outside the Hecht Museum (Haifa, Israel) “The Beginning of the Language of Art””The City Landscape””Mask”

“The Whole World is in Your Hand”

Macababi Health Center 4 Sculptures
Naamat Ahuza 1 Sculpture
Naamat Downtown 1 Sculpture
Tefen Open Museum, in City of Roses (Western Galilee, Israel) “Mediterranean Sunset”
Western Galilee College 2 Sculptures
Yad La-Shiryon Latrun Armoured Corps Museum, Israel 130 Sculptures